Surprise Make – Dog Jumper

So I know that I said I was only going to make a few things as I get back into sewing after my wrist injury, but when I saw Annika Victoria’s tutorial on how to make a Dog Jumper I knew I had to make one. Annika is really awesome inspiring youtuber who makes videos about sewing, thrifting and other cool DIYs. She was one of my inspirations to start sewing so it was really cool to finally make one of her projects.

I made my dog jumper out of a thrifted human jumper that I got for $5. Its a blue stripy bumpy fabric (I don’t know how to explain it) but I thought it would work well as it is really stretchy. My dog lives in a different state to me so I had to go off measurements that I made last time I was home and then send it to her to see if it would fit.


Molly Jumper 1

My puppy in her Jumper

The photos I have were taken by my Dad so they’re not the best quality but I think they show how she feels about her new jumper 🙂 The arm holes are a little bit small but the jumper still fits her well. From what I hear she likes wearing it so I will definitely be making her some more in the future 🙂

Molly Jumper 2