It’s Been a While…June Sewing Plans

So its been a few months since I last posted. Unfortunately I developed tendonitis in both of my wrists and elbows in late February which meant that I have basically been unable to do any crafty things since then. I have been feeling much better over the past few weeks and I am really excited to get back to it.

I have a few planned makes for June, it’s starting to get really cold in Canberra so I need to start building my winter wardrobe.


1) Sew Over It – Ultimate Trousers

The Ultimate Trousers by Sew-Over-It was one of the first patterns that I bought. I had heard that lots of people were afraid of sewing pants because they can be quite tricky so I new that I wanted pants to be one of the first things I would make. I thought that if I started making pants from the beginning then I would never be afraid of making them.

I chose the Ultimate Trousers because I new they were aimed at beginners and thought they would be a good first pants pattern.

I already have my fabric planned – I’m going to use the Gertie Lemons Black Sateen fabric which is designed by Gretchen Hirsch and sold at Spotlight.

Gertie Lemons fabric

As soon as I saw this fabric I knew I wanted to make a pair of pants out of it. It has a slight stretch but from what I have seen from other people’s makes, it should still work fine.


2) Seamwork Patterns  – Astoria Sweater


I really like the shape of this pattern and I think that it will make a good staple jumper for winter.


3) Self Drafted Headband

I made a headband a few weeks ago and really liked making it so I’ve decided to make some more. One of my friends also really liked the style of it and wants to learn how to sew a bit so we are going to make some together as a fun crafternoon activity.



Since I’m still recovering from my tendonitis I’m going to take it slow this month and not plan too many projects. Hopefully this will help me get back into the habit of sewing.


xx Alice