Canberra Sewing Meetup

This weekend I went to my first Canberra Sewing Meetup. Since I started sewing in September I have not had any interaction with other people who sew. None of my friends sew, no one in my family sews, and since I have been teaching myself through patterns and youtube videos, I have not really met anyone else who sews.

When I found out about Meetups I thought it would be a great way to meet other likeminded people and maybe even make new friends. I was really nervous before the Meetup since I didn’t know what it would be like or what the people would be like, but once I got there I realised that all my fears were unnecessary. Everyone was really lovely and was really happy to offer help and support throughout the session.

While the online community of sewers is amazing it was really inspiring to be able to meet with other sewers in person. I feel even more excited about sewing and about this community than I did before and I really look forward to what the future of my sewing journey holds.