January Sewing Makes – #Sewmystyle update

So it’s been a while since I last posted and in that time I have finished a few projects!

The first was the Toaster Sweater #2 for the #sewmystyleproject. This was my first time sewing with a knit fabric and I am really happy with how it turned out. I made it in a navy fabric with ridges that form stripes which run vertically down the jumper. I wasn’t sure about the neckline when I first saw it in the pattern pictures but now that it is done I think it looks quite flattering.


Me in my toaster sweater

The sewing itself was fine until it came to hemming the jumper. I had been able to do the rest of it without a walking foot up to this point as I was not finishing any of the raw edges. When I started doing the hem however it started to stretch the fabric. Once I was able to get a walking foot it was a quick finish and looks quite nice. I am looking forward to the weather getting a little cooler so that I can actually wear it.  It was definitely a great introduction to sewing with knits!


The Cotton/Linen blend fabric I used when testing a pattern for In the Folds

My second make was a pattern that I was lucky enough to get to test for Emily Hundt from In the Folds. I can’t say much about it now except to say that it is a lovely pattern and from it I have made what is now my favourite item of clothing both that I have made and that I own in general.


Burda 6834 – I’m making view A

Finally I have almost finished a skirt for work from the pattern Burda Style 6834. This was the first time I had used a pattern from a non-indie designer and I have definitely been spoilt by the instructions in most indie pattern. The skirt is really simple but involves an invisible zip, the sewing of which was one of my goals for this year in sewing. I bought an invisible zipper foot at the suggestion of a commenter on my first blog post and as she promised, it went in really well. I followed the instructions for how to sew invisible zips from Tilly and the Buttons, Love at First Stitch, and it really helped me put the zip in properly. I am now up to the point of sewing the lining to the skirt so hopefully I will have it finished in time for work tomorrow.

I have also now joined Instagram so please follow me at alicesewsstuff to see what I get up to !

xx Alice

January Sewing Plans

Since I’m currently on my summer holiday away from my sewing machine, I thought I would just do a post about the three projects I have planned for the end of January. This is just patterns with no fabric plans yet, but when I get back to Australia I will post about the fabrics I want to use for these.


1. Toaster Sweater #2 – Sew House Seven


This is the first pattern in the #Sewmystyle project and from looking over the pattern, it seems like it will be quick enough to make at the end of January. This will be my first time sewing with a knit fabric so I’m a bit nervous about doing it.

I was planning on doing some of the patterns in #sewmystyle out of order to better match the seasons in Australia, but since I really like the look of this jumper, I thought I would make it now so that if it doesn’t work out there will be lots of time to sew another one for winter.


2. Plantain T-shirt – Deer and Doe

This is a free pattern from Deer and Doe and it looks like a nice everyday t-shirt. I want to find a good t-shirt pattern that I can use multiple times as a basic part of my wardrobe, and this will be the first one I try. I’ll definitely start this in January but I’m not sure if I’ll finish it.


3. Crochet Panda Pillow

This one is not exactly a sewing project (although I am planning on hand sewing a zipper into it), but since it is crafty I thought I would include it. One of my good friends is moving to china for a year and I thought I would make her a circular cushion cover in the shape of a panda as a going away gift. Since learning to knit and crochet I have loved making gifts for people. I often struggle to think of things to buy for people so I find that making something simple like a scarf or a cushion cover that has some practical use is much easier . It also makes the gifts seem a lot more meaningful 🙂


I hope you liked seeing what I have planned for the end of January 🙂 Let me know if you have any advice for any of these projects.


xx Alice